Robot playing pickleball real or fake

Robot Playing Pickleball, Real or Fake?

published September 13, 2023

Is the Robot playing pickleball real or fake?

It’s taken the internet and TikTok by storm, but is it real?  A quick google search didn’t provide any quick answers.  Finding the origin of the video is also difficult as it has duplicated itself multiple times on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. So we did an analysis to come to our own conclusion.  Looking at the video on a high-definition monitor, it is clearly fake. You can clearly see the shadows of the shoes and feet do not match the robot image.  You can also see where the removal of the original player was not smooth and there is a blurred background.  Someone used an AI program to replace a robot with the original human that played the sport. 

Remember you heard it here first.  While the fun of playing against a robot sparked our imagination, this video was a deep fake. If you want to play against a machine, you’ll have to settle for a ball machine, like the Titan Pickleball Machine we have our eyes on.

Where did the original pickleball match come from?

In fact, we found the original match. The robot replaced professional pickleball player, Anna Leigh Waters. The original match was one of the most impressive matches on the 2023 MLP tour at the Daytona Beach Women’s Double Challenger Finals with Andrea Koop, Maggie Brascia, Anna Leigh Waters, and Lea Jansen.

Robot playing pickleball
MLP Daytona Beach Womens Double Match
robot pickleball background blur
Robot pickleball foot shadow
We found a similar video of a robot playing table tennis (aka ping pong) that was posted over a month prior.  There were people who have posted an analysis of that video.  In that video you can also see shadows that do not match the robot figure.  The YouTubers that did a deeper investigation also found the original video where the real player was table tennis professional, Yang Wang.  
For now, pickleball is still for the humans. Doesn’t mean we can’t make a t-shirt about it 😉

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