Pickleball News: Summer 2023

Latest news in the Sport of Pickleball: Summer 2023

Published July 1, 2023 | Previous issue: Spring 2023 Updates, June 2023

Health and Pickleball

Pickleball is making news in the medical world lately.  One study highlights the rise of pickleball injuries.  UBS is estimating the cost to Americans is climbing towards $400 million per year.  Pickleball injuries are most common in players’ wrists, legs and shoulders.  They can be caused by overuse or sudden use of long dormant muscles, joints, and ligaments.  This is where the importance of cross training, stretching, and listening to your body comes in.  

Other studies and articles highlight the health benefits of pickleball. As America’s fastest growing sport, pickleball is getting us off the couch and on the court.  Not only is pickleball a great workout, it is a social sport.  With the loneliness epidemic running strong through all generations, we are thrilled to see a sport taking off that can help combat it.

Disclaimer:  We advise that you check with your doctor before you start any exercise to make sure you are medically cleared to do so. 

APP Tour and Universal Tennis Team Up

The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) has partnered with Universal Tennis.  Universal Tennis has become APP’s official rating partner.  Universal Tennis is the creator of the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate tennis rating. They adapted their rating algorithm for pickleball, launching the UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP) to rate players on a scale of P1 (beginner), P2 (intermediate), P3 (advanced), or P4 (expert/professional). Using results from the APP, Universal Tennis will continue refining the algorithm and eventually adopt a numerical decimal rating similar to tennis for higher-level pickleball players.

More Court Openings

So many new courts ave popped up this year, it is hard to keep track.  Here are the latest indoor court openings and announcements we are aware of:

  • ACES Pickleball + Kitchen. Now Open in Cincinnati, OH. Five dedicated indoor courts and six outdoor courts, cushioned tennis court surface, restaurant, and bar.
  • The Pickle Lodge. Cincinnati, OH. Opens July 2023. 17 dedicated indoor courts, cushioned tennis court surface, restaurant, bar, and private event space
  • The Flying Pickle. Opening fall 2023 in Meridian, ID. 
  • Real Dill Pickleball Club, Columbus, OH.  The St. Louis , MO club is opening a location in Columbus in The Galaxy at Polaris development. Scheduled opening is Fall 2023.

The tournament will be televised

The PPA tour announced a broadcast schedule that includes tournaments featured on the Tennis Channel, ESPN 2, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, ESPN, and CBS Sport Network. The USA Pickleball National Championships, presented by the PPA Tour, in November will be broadcast on ESPN.  This is the largest broadcast deal in the organization’s history.  The APP had previously announced historic broadcast deals for their tour with CBS Sports and ESPN. 

The APP rebrands

On May 24, 2023, the APP rebranded to the Association of Pickleball Players, previously known as the Association of Pickleball Professionals.  The rebranding was unveiled at the APP’s annual New York Open and coincided with the launch of their new website, TheAPP.global (previously APPTour.org).   


New Arrivals

Tournament Results

Tournament | Date | Organizer | Link


West Diamond Regional | May 5-7 | USAP – event link

Mid-South Diamond Regional | May 4-7 | USAP – event link

The Florida Amateur Open | May 6-7 | APA – Results 

The Nashville Amateur Open | May 6-7 | APA – Results


OS1st North Carolina Open | May 4-7 | PPA – Results

APP Vlasic Classic – NCS Event | May 10-14 | APP

Atlanta Open | May 17-21 | PPA – Results

APP New York City Open – NCS Event | May 23-28 | APP | Results

Player Standings

MLP Team Standings | link 

PPA Tour Player Standings | link


Upcoming Events

Tournament | Date | Organizer | Link

Amateur Pickleball Events

Middle States Diamond Regional | June 1-4 | USAP – Event link

The Kentucky Amateur Open | June 3-4 | APA | Event link

Atlantic South Diamond Regional | June 6-11 | USAP | Event link

Pacific Northwest Diamond Regional | June 14-18 | USAP | Event link

The Ohio Amateur Open | June 17-18 | APA | Event link

The St. Louis Amateur Open | June 24-25 | APA | Event link

The Boston Amateur Open | June 24-25 | APA | Event link

Professional Pickleball Events

Selkirk Texas Open | June 1-4 | PPA | Event link

Orange County Cup | June 8-11 | PPA | Event link

MLP San Clemente | June 15-19 | MLP | Event Link

APP Newport Beach Open – NCS Event | June 28-July 2 | APP | Event link

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