Pickleball News: June 2023

Latest news in the Sport of Pickleball: June 2023

Published June 1, 2023 | Previous issue: Spring 2023 Updates

Pickleball in America Unites

The National Governing Bodies of United States, Canada, and Mexico has come together to promote the growth and development of pickleball across the Western Hemisphere.  Announced on April 20, 2023, the Pickleball Federation of the Americas (PFA) launched as the first continental pickleball federation in the Americas with ambitions to promote and grow pickleball across North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.  While the national organizations of USA Pickleball (USAP), Pickleball Canada (PCO), and Professional Pickleball League Mexico (LPPM) are the founding members, other National Federations for pickleball in the Americas are encouraged to join.  The representatives from the USAP,  PCO, and LPPM will serve as the initial leadership group. Javier Regalado, the LPPM President, will serve as the first Chair of the Board of Directors for PFA.

This comes at time when the global federations for pickleball are still very much in flux.  One year ago, in April 2022 the governing bodies of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and eight other countries withdrew from the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) in which the United States and Canada were founding members. Pickleball Canada and Professional Pickleball League Mexico have since joined the World Pickleball Federation (WPF). Combined, the new PFA represents over 95% of pickleball members as the sport is still heavily North American based.  This makes the PFA a strong force on the international pickleball stage.

For more information on the organizations within the pickleball world, see our evergreen Professional Pickleball Organizations article that we maintain.

National Pickleball League sanctioned by USA Pickleball for 2023 League Play

As of May 2023, the NPL has been official sanctioned by USAP.  This cooperation between the two strengthen both organizations legitimacy. Putting importance in the endorsement of USAP reinforces the USAP as the national governing body.  The sanctioning by the USAP, gives the NPL legitimacy as a league and broadens awareness.

More Court Openings

So many new courts ave popped up this year, it is hard to keep track.  Here are the latest indoor court openings and announcements we are aware of:

  • Pickleball America is taking over an 80,000 square-foot anchor space in Stamford, Connecticut, in a former two-story Saks Off 5th retail store this summer
  • Paddle Up Pickleball Club is opening an indoor  membership club at The Meadows in Lake St. Louis.
  • Camp Pickle, a new chain of sportstainment with pickleball, food, and drink is set to open in Huntsville, Alabama in the next year.
  • 3rd Shot Pickleball is due to open a 13 court indoor facility fall of 2023 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

The tournament will be televised

The PPA tour announced a broadcast schedule that includes tournaments featured on the Tennis Channel, ESPN 2, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, ESPN, and CBS Sport Network. The USA Pickleball National Championships, presented by the PPA Tour, in November will be broadcast on ESPN.  This is the largest broadcast deal in the organization’s history.  The APP had previously announced historic broadcast deals for their tour with CBS Sports and ESPN. 

The APP rebrands

On May 24, 2023, the APP rebranded to the Association of Pickleball Players, previously known as the Association of Pickleball Professionals.  The rebranding was unveiled at the APP’s annual New York Open and coincided with the launch of their new website, TheAPP.global (previously APPTour.org).   


New Arrivals

Tournament Results

Tournament | Date | Organizer | Link


West Diamond Regional | May 5-7 | USAP – event link

Mid-South Diamond Regional | May 4-7 | USAP – event link

The Florida Amateur Open | May 6-7 | APA – Results 

The Nashville Amateur Open | May 6-7 | APA – Results


OS1st North Carolina Open | May 4-7 | PPA – Results

APP Vlasic Classic – NCS Event | May 10-14 | APP

Atlanta Open | May 17-21 | PPA – Results

APP New York City Open – NCS Event | May 23-28 | APP | Results

Player Standings

MLP Team Standings | link 

PPA Tour Player Standings | link


Upcoming Events

Tournament | Date | Organizer | Link

Amateur Pickleball Events

Middle States Diamond Regional | June 1-4 | USAP – Event link

The Kentucky Amateur Open | June 3-4 | APA | Event link

Atlantic South Diamond Regional | June 6-11 | USAP | Event link

Pacific Northwest Diamond Regional | June 14-18 | USAP | Event link

The Ohio Amateur Open | June 17-18 | APA | Event link

The St. Louis Amateur Open | June 24-25 | APA | Event link

The Boston Amateur Open | June 24-25 | APA | Event link

Professional Pickleball Events

Selkirk Texas Open | June 1-4 | PPA | Event link

Orange County Cup | June 8-11 | PPA | Event link

MLP San Clemente | June 15-19 | MLP | Event Link

APP Newport Beach Open – NCS Event | June 28-July 2 | APP | Event link

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